Tuesday, 6 December 2011

eclipseArts Circus H - M

Hula vs hoop.

If you ask Laura to show you some hula she will become slightly irritable and say, ‘it’s called HOOP.’ Other hoopers are fixated on the difference between circus hoop and dance hoop… the hooping community is strange and their linguistic foibles are impenetrable to the uninitiated. Try not to start a hooper chatting about it unless you have an hour or two to spare.

‘I can do it!’ 

this is what people shout in the millisecond between getting a trick right for the first time and then dropping all of their props due to being overwhelmed with excitement.


We work with some amazing medieval clowns. If men in tights are your bag we can find you the best unicycling, fire spinning, tumbling entertainers. They’re guaranteed to rock your court.

Kick ups.

If you perform, you need to learn kick-ups. You can kick up clubs, balls, hula hoops… so when you drop (and you will) you can employ the nifty looking kick-up and continue with your routine. Hopefully your audience will think, ‘wow that trick looked amazing!’ and forget you ever dropped.


Often when we start teaching people how to do things they’re frustrated when they don’t get it straight away, but we think this is one of the beauties of circus skills. No one can naturally juggle, everyone has to put effort into learning, so in a way circus is a great equaliser.


Because you probably won't learn to contort yourself through a tennis racquet without it.